Welcome to the website of the Welsh Dee Trust. The Trust is a registered charity.

The objectives are to protect,  conserve, promote and enhance the River Dee and all its indigenous species of fish, animals , birds and plants . The Trust will where appropriate seek the rehabilitation of any species that is threatened or endangered.

The Trust will through education increase the knowledge of the public of the need and importance of a healthy river environment. The Trust will also highlight the need for proper water management.

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Latest News

Farmers need an effective means of protecting their crops from slugs. But traditional slug pellets contain the chemical metaldehyde, which can enter the watercourse and prove very difficult to remove.

That’s why we’re encouraging farmers to switch to slug pellets which use ferric phosphate – equally effective at killing slugs, but presenting no difficulties for water quality.

Grovsenor Farms, which grows over 2,000 hectares of crops in Chester, within the River Dee catchment, has switched to the ferric phosphate pellets, with great success.

To encourage more landowners to make the switch, we’re offering a 50% discount on purchase of the ferric phosphate pellets.


December 2016 Newsletter

In this issue: Hanuk Grayling Festival breaks all records Concerns over collapse in Grilse run NRW proposed byelaw Changes Learn about our work on Diffuse Pollution work at Middle Dee Catchment Partnership Stakeholder meeting on April 6th 2017 Invasives...

May 2016 Newsletter

The full Dee Stock Assessment Report for 2015 has now been released and confirms that both the declared rod catch of Dee Salmon (233) and run size (3,051) have fallen to their lowest ever recorded levels. Download PDF: May...

Nov 2015 Newsletter

In this issue: Expanding our team at Welsh Dee Trust Progress report on Middle Dee Catchment Partnership Work Update on Management of Invasives in the Catchment Llangollen Weir Hydro Scheme Concern rises about salmon stock levels in the Dee...

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