The River Dee Catchment Management Review

The River Dee is a vitally important natural resource for communities in North Wales and North West England, supporting a rich environment for wildlife, while also providing a valuable source for drinking water extraction. The river flows are controlled by Natural Resources Wales through programmed releases from the main balancing reservoirs; Lake Bala, Lake Celyn and Lake Brenig. The Dee Regulation Scheme balances the interests of abstractions, fisheries, biodiversity, recreational activities and flood risk management. Furthermore, the releases reduce the ingress of saline water above Chester Weir during high tides.

This review describes the wide range of data and evidence gathered for the River Dee that has helped United Utilities to develop and target their catchment management actions. It includes information on hydrology, land use and agriculture, as well as risk-prediction models and water quality monitoring results. In the final section, the review summarises the actions on the ground that have been carried out up to the present time.

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