Water Friendly Farming – Good Practice Guide

The Welsh Dee Trust’s aims are to protect, conserve, promote and enhance the River Dee and all its indigenous species of fish, animals, birds and plants. Through education increase the knowledge of the public of the need and importance of a healthy river environment. The Trust will also highlight the need for proper water management.

What’s in it for the farm?

  • Increased capital value of holding.
  • Significant improvements in water quality – reduced risk of pollution and prosecution.
  • Savings in reduced fertiliser applications and losses to the river.
  • Reduced soil damage and loss – increased crop production.
  • Reduced erosion and land loss.
  • Reduced lameness, infection and vet bills.
  • Improved stock handling.
  • Improved sporting potential.
  • Good relationships with neighbours.
  • Sustainable timber/firewood crop arising from trees and woodland management.
  • Improved wildlife and recreational value.

Click here to view / download the report – Welsh.

Click here to view / download the report – English.

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