Better Soils project

Soil health is really important for a healthy river. A healthy soil will absorb more rainwater and filter it slowly into a watercourse. At Welsh Dee Trust, supporting farms to trial new techniques which can help them improve soil is therefore one of the key targets of our Water Wise Farming programme.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our ‘Better Soils’ project which provides farms within the Dee with support to improve their soil health, benefitting both the farm and the river.

The following options are free to farms:

  • Soil sampling
  • Soil health assessment
  • Grants for cover crop seed
  • Grants for herbal ley seed
  • Grants for sward lifting
  • Grants for aeration

If you are a farmer in the Dee and are interested, you can arrange a visit from a member of the Welsh Dee Trust team who will undertake either a soil assessment or soil sampling and then draw up plans in partnership for improving soil health and advise which techniques/grants would be most suitable.

If you are farming in the Dee Catchment in either Wales or England, you can contact Sara Mault on 07375413144 or .

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