Business Supporters

Work with us to create a river Dee free of pollution and full of wildlife.

We are thankful for all donations made to Welsh Dee Trust and 100% of donations are put towards achieving our objective of a river Dee free of pollution and full of wildlife.

If you are a business and would like make to a one-off donation to the trust please use the link below.

Make an annual donation of over £500 and become an official Welsh Dee Trust business supporter.

As a business supporter, you receive some benefits:

  • Use of the ‘Welsh Dee Trust Business Supporter’ logo for your marketing
  • One volunteer/ education day for business staff
  • A half-page advert for your business in our annual impact report
  • Public Thank you on our social media.
  • Invites to Welsh Dee Trust events.
  • A warm feeling you are helping create a river Dee free of pollution and full of wildlife

If you would like to become a business supporter you can contact us here:

At Welsh Dee Trust we can support businesses that would like to arrange volunteer days for their employees.

A contribution is required towards our costs but we will arrange Health and Safety, access, required equipment, and all other logistics.

These days provide a great opportunity to improve staff health and well-being while working to directly benefit the river Dee.

Our most popular corporate volunteer days are:

  • Litter picks (on the river bank or using stand-up paddle boards)
  • Clearing invasive species
  • Planting trees

If you are interested in booking a corporate volunteer day please contact us.

For businesses that want to tackle a specific problem in line with our charitable aims, we can work together to develop a project that can be delivered in partnership.

Welsh Dee Trust have a wide variety of skills and knowledge in delivering projects to improve the health of the river Dee.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Greenwashing clause:

We conduct due diligence on partnerships, looking at both the credibility of the organisation involved and the potential risks of the activities we are undertaking together. We will partner with businesses that have a strategic commitment to our shared objectives, and who will commit the resources to achieve delivery. We will often approach partnerships in phases, to ensure there is an alignment of our values, strategy, and delivery models.

In all new partnerships, we have a clear communication protocol that ensures Welsh Dee Trust has verified and approved all communications on our joint work. We will ensure this communication is truthful, reflects our understanding of the facts and is not misleading or overstating impacts.

We acknowledge that different companies are at different stages of their sustainability journey and have different levels of commitment with regard to water stewardship,  climate adaptation and pollution mitigation. We will ensure that our communication honestly reflects the current stage of maturity and achievement.

We will always reserve the right to publicly speak out about negative impacts, particularly on river environments, by our business partners and funders and this is included in our contracts with private sector partners.