Funding available for projects in the Middle Dee

The Middle Dee catchment partnership has today launched a fund to support local communities, NGOs, and businesses to help improve the water environment of the Middle Dee Catchment. This funding aims to make improvements to the water environment, these could be

  • Habitat improvements such as wetland/pond creation, tree planting etc.
  • Purchase equipment.
  • Rain gardens/ sustainable drainage.
  • Water quality monitoring.

The maximum amount of funding available is £7500. This can fund projects up to 100%. Projects will be assessed against value for money and impact on the water environment.

To qualify for a grant project must:

-Be within the Middle Dee Catchment area (see map below).

-Help improve the water environment

To apply please fill in the below application form and email it to

The deadline for applications is 23rd January 2022.

The Middle Dee Catchment Partnership brings together organisations that are working to improve the local water environment for the benefit of wildlife and people in the Middle Dee Catchment area. The partnership aims to:

  • work together and with others to understand the issues,
  • share information, resources, learning and evidence.
  • work together and with others to tackle difficult issues that require partner input,
  • work collaboratively to ensure work on the ground is coordinated.