Funding for Farmers – 2022

Welsh Dee Trust have funding available for farmers within our priority areas of the Dee Catchment through the Water Wise Farming programme. Funding can support all ideas to improve water management in the farmyard and soil improvement. This includes projects such as roofing cattle handling areas, new/repairing shed gutters, improving cow tracks, sward lifting and undersowing maize.

The funding is slightly different depending on if you are based in Wales or England.

In England, funding is through contracts with farms to deliver a variety of options which benefit the farm and the water environment.

We hope to help by improving infrastructure within the farmyards, such as gutters (£50/metre), cow tracks (£38/metre) and other ideas from the farmers themselves (up to £10,000). We would also look to support the improvement of soil health, which would help improve water infiltration and soil temperature, resulting in possible higher yields of crops/grass and water holding capacity. Some soil options include sward lifting (£29/acre), and introducing a herbal ley into the grazing rotation (£402/ha).  

A catalogue is available which sets out the full range of potential options and the rate of payment available.

The work identified in the contracts will need to be completed by March 1st 2023. Some of the options need to remain in place for up to ten years.

In Wales support is provided by paying a contribution towards contractor’s bills for work that benefits the water environment. This payment is made directly to the contractor to help with farm cash flows. The priority area for 2022 is the River Alyn Catchment, but support and advice can be provided anywhere within the Dee Catchment.

Priority areas for funding

How it works:

  • A Welsh Dee Trust representative will visit the farm and agree options for each farm
  • Potential options will be assessed to ensure they provide value for money for Welsh Dee Trust
  • A contract/agreement will be signed with the farm setting out the work to be completed and the funding
  • The work will be completed either by the farm or contractors
  • Once completed, a Welsh Dee Trust representative will inspect the completed work
  • Welsh Dee Trust will pay either the contractor directly or the farm depending on the agreement within 30 days

If you are interested please contact:

Sara Mault,

Water Wise Farming Officer,