New fund launched to help dairy farms prevent pollution.

Project Details – River Dee Dairy Fund (England).

The River Dee Dairy Fund is a new opportunity to provide support to the Dairy Farms in the English section of the River Dee Catchment.

The fund is administered by the Welsh Dee Trust and supported by the Environment Agency.

The fund is to support Dairy Farms in improving their infrastructure to reduce the loss of nutrients from farmyards into the water environment. A 50% contribution up to a maximum of £10,000 can be made towards the infrastructure project. All work must be completed by March 1st 2022.

e.g. an infrastructure project costing £7000 inc VAT would receive a contribution of £3500. A project costing £25,000 inc VAT would receive the maximum contribution of £10,000.

New guttering was installed on a farm near Worthenbury under a similar previous project.

The fund will help support any infrastructure project on a farm which would help reduce the loss of nutrients into a watercourse. This could include repairing guttering on farms, concreting yards, sleeping policemen to diver dirty water, improved cow tracks, covering yard areas etc. Projects cannot fund work which is a legal requirement such as set out in Farming rules for water or the SSAFO regulations.

The fund is deliberately kept open to allow innovation and the farmers or their advisors to create and deliver bespoke projects to reduce agricultural pollution. If you would like advice or support in identifying potential projects a Welsh Dee Trust employee can visit the farm and undertake an assessment to identify potential projects.

If you would like support for identifying projects please contact:

Sara Mault,

Water Wise Farming Officer,

Welsh Dee Trust,