SmartRivers Invertebrate Training- 10 am Wednesday 12th June, Llangollen

This event is a free one-day course that will give you the needed training to become one of our SmartRivers volunteers! The training will take place between 10am-4pm at St.Collens Community Hall, Llangollen. Free parking has been agreed with the Hall. Please provide your vehicle registration to a member of staff at reception.

SmartRivers is a national citizen science project that analyses aquatic invertebrates to monitor the health of our rivers. Invertebrate samples are taken from seventeen sites across the Dee catchment and the invertebrates present at each site can indicate various pressures on the river, such as chemical pressure from industrial use or road runoff, phosphate pressure from agriculture and sewage works. Volunteers will help the Welsh Dee Trust identify the invertebrates collected from each site down to species level. Regular id sessions will be held at Leeswood Community Centre, Oliver Jones Memorial Hall in Dolywern and in St Collen’s Community Hall, Llangollen.

During the training day you will learn all about the SmartRivers project and will be identifying river invertebrates to species level. Once you have completed the training you can become one of our SmartRivers volunteers and join us at one of our 3 hubs along the Dee catchment.