Volunteer Today

What we do is making a real difference to the River Dee, benefitting its wildlife.

Our volunteers are vital, carrying out practical tasks that improve habitat and make the river a better place to be. If you want to get outdoors and help to restore the River Dee, register on our volunteering platform, TeamKinetic, where all our upcoming opportunities are listed. If you’re under 18, please ask your parent or guardian to contact us on your behalf.

There is plenty to do—from habitat creation and river clean-ups to electro-fishing to monitor salmon and trout populations. You could also volunteer at one of our education events or even become one of our valuable trustees.

Welsh Dee Trust run a volunteer programme which I have found to be extremely valuable and would recommend to anyone who is interested in looking after their environment.

You get to meet new people, learn new skills from the experts and have fun in the fresh air. My highlight would be tree planting along my local stretch of river, where my family and I walk regularly.

Knowing that I have contributed to the health of my local environment and being in a position to regularly observe the growth of the trees that I planted has given me a tremendous feeling of wellbeing and I am proud to have taken part. 

Adam, Llidiart-y-Parc

Volunteer to help the Welsh Dee Trust
Welsh Dee Trust volunteer, Adam, erecting tree protection boxes at Carrog, Denbighshire, North Wales | © Jim Holmes

Welsh Dee Trust volunteer, Rebecca, on a stand-up paddleboarding litter pick at Sandy Lane, Chester | © SUP Lass

Whilst litter picking on the Dee I was exposed to a vast array of litter, ranging from chairs to beer cans. It was clear from my snapshot experience that there are many groups in the community that contribute to the river’s polluted state.

Working with Welsh Dee Trust has been a real eye opener. It has made me think about how they can engage with farmers, fishermen, tourists and other groups to tackle the amount of litter in the Dee.

Rebecca, Farndon