Welsh Dee Trust Strategy 2023-2027

We are excited to launch our 2023-2027 Strategy document, setting out the overall direction of the Trust for the next five years. The next five years are critical to the health of the River Dee and we are hopeful that we will begin to see the reversal of some of the declines in wildlife and river quality.

These ambitious targets, particularly around our three delivery programmes, will stretch our team. Our three largest programmes of work focus on making an impact on the ground:

The Strategy sets a path for the Trust that we feel is effective in improving the health of the river. We are an organisation that prioritises action by identifying localised problems and then taking actions to correct them. While each of these actions alone will only have a small impact on restoring a thriving river, repeated across the catchment the cumulative effect will make a real and substantial impact, first halting and then reversing the river’s decline.

I am really excited to launch this strategy. The next five years are key for reversing the declining health of the river. This strategy sets out clear actions that will make a significant difference to the river. Welsh Dee Trust alone cannot fix the problems; government, regulators and water companies all need to play their part in securing a thriving River Dee.

Peter Powell, Welsh Dee Trust CEO

WDT 2023 strategy. by Peter05858